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The problem we solve for B2B technology companies: Given that the more disruptive the innovation, the more complex the adoption; how do you rapidly accelerate market adoption by consistently driving top-down customer acquisition? The key to success is understanding what problem your strategic buyer is really trying to solve.

You probably have an complex market adoption problem if you are asking the buyer to change behavior, but not defining what business problem(s) you solve. The problem is further compounded if your solution is a high value, high risk, complex purchase with multiple stakeholders involved in the decision. Is your adoption really about evangelizing your product in the market or helping buyers build consensus, change business processes, and leverage the right technology to solve a complex problem? Do you need a different approach to drive explosive market adoption?

It is about a “new approach to solving a problem” for your buyers’ organizations that require a pretty substantive change in operational behavior to derive the value of your technology. You need ability to reach them earlier in the buying process around the problem to build consensus within buyer organizations on your technology’s approach to the problem and the associated applications within their business to get their attention before you can win on your technology differentiation.

The challenge is the visibility to the buyer’s upstream problem identification process, i.e. the multiple problem applications that buyers have for which your product solves, how to recognize and anticipate the different problems, how to find them in the peer communities without expensive market coverage costs, how to identify and target buyers with specific problems, and how to model the differences in buying process to cater to those differences. You need pin-point adoption expertise to kick-start conversion to a problem-selling approach to enable your sales and marketing to win on your approach to the problem.

Given the shift from vendor-driven to peer-influenced buyer adoption of new technologies / innovations is marginalizing vendors while empowering buyers:

  • How do you translate the value of your unique disruptive innovation to buyers who don’t have experience or the understanding of your technology, but are trying to solve a complex business problem?
  • Does your solution solve multiple problems? How do buyers determine which problem they really have? Do they have multiple problems? Overlapping symptoms? Who helps them figure out which problem they have and what they need?
  • If you cannot pre-package your offering to speak to these buyers about their particular symptoms and underlying business problem(s); how do the buyers recognize the value of your technology and its fit to their unique situation?
  • How long and how costly is it to build a market if buyers are left to translate the value of the technology on their own?
  • How critical is it to your growth that buyers are able to participate in driving their own adoption? Are you dependent upon a market to facilitate? How more effective and less costly would it be if you could find buyers pre-market without having to wait for the return-on-investment in market building?