About Social Gastronomy, LLC

aboutus The More Disruptive the Innovation, the More Complex the Adoption

Model. Deconstruct. Account for…

Social Gastronomy℠ enables technology firms to drive more effective adoption of their complex technology solutions both in-market displacement and pre-market  disruptive technologies. Social Gastronomy unique IP assists companies to market  like they sell by anticipating what particular problem the buyers really have underlying their pain, sell in the marketplace to reach buyers earlier in their  buying process, and to then align the solution demonstrably solve the buyer’s  problem.

Our fix to the adoption complexity problem is a turnkey, self-contained, special project leveraging our unique IP, methodologies, and adoption expertise to help you figure out what the buyer’s perception of the complex, disruptive problem that they really need to solve. Our approach is to deconstruct the market complexity from the target buyers’ perspective to aid the company in engaging those buyers earlier in their process, in their peer-communities, and early enough to influence their decisions and guide the buyers in solving their particular strategic, cross-functional, and complex problem.

The process of translating your disruptive innovative into predictive operational problems is difficult without our unique  methodology to identify what underlying business problem the buyers are discussing peer-to-peer, leverage that insight to model their decision process, identify where they go for decision support online, and build a targeted content and engagement strategy to drive inbound lead generation.

If you think that you have an adoption problem and if you could get in front of more of the right buyers; you probably need to have an  an depth conversation with us about where you are and to what extent adoption is holding back your business.