10 Common Market Adoption Issues That I See in BtoB Technology Companies

July 16th, 2014 by Matthew Rosenhaft Leave a reply »
  1. Inability to drive effective/qualified sales opportunities through marketing
  2. Difficulty explaining to target companies that our technology is best @ solving particular business problem that they are experienced. We cannot differentiate between visible “pain” and underlying “problem” that you actually solve for the buyer.
  3. Heavy emphasis on generic business value and deep technical differentiation in messaging.
  4. Difficulty within lead generation activities to reach “senior executive” decision makers in target organizations – forcing sales to sell up through organization.
  5. Noticeable different reaction from those who “get” what we do versus the rest of the market; ie. analysts and internal  evangelists. Customers love the product once they see demo and talk to our team, but others don’t know what they are missing.
  6. Complex sale cycles – lengthy, large amount of funnel attrition, with lots of influencers unnecessarily involved in decision which slows down process.
  7. Unpredictability of identification of decision makers with a variety of decision maker titles for core offering.
  8. Difficulty in narrowing target market, in terms of prioritizing best segments to focus on, because you are worried that you will miss opportunities.
  9. Best opportunities for quick sales are existing customer referrals or competitive displacement where there is an educated buyer who has self-identified the need before engaging.
  10. Unique offering is much better than competitors, but not getting traction to reflect our unique differentiation and value in the market.
Matthew Rosenhaft

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