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BtoB Lead Generation is Wrong

August 22nd, 2013

What we call “lead generation” today is really short-hand for multiple processes, none of which is “lead generation” and all of which is causing major headaches for BtoB companies today. This short-hand is actually the root cause of the declines BtoB technology companies are seeing in “traditional lead generation” channels. In reality, leads are the outcome of a several step process. With the changes in buyer behavior over the last couple of years, digital has really split our “pipeline” into 2 separate distinct staged funnels.

First is the awareness marketing funnel which is pretty simply the goal is to get prospective buyers aware of our solution and hopefully our brand of solution. Almost all lead generation activities fall into this pipeline – anything with a campaign (email, search, direct), PR, shows, etc. The goal is to now get them to come to our website for education and conversion. In short, we use our websites now to qualify on interest.

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