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4 Leading Questions

April 22nd, 2014
  1. What is the difference between adoption and marketing? Difference between product adoption and problem adoption? How does this change the idea of implementation, staging adoption, customer experience, project success?
  2. As a buyer, How do you go about identifying underlying root problem causation from visible pain? What is the hardest thing about diagnosing problems within your organization? How do good vendor partners assist in that process? How do mediocre vendors hurt that process? In  a couple of words, what is the difference between selling and decision support? Continue reading “4 Leading Questions” »

Buyer Adoption – What is Different?

April 22nd, 2014

How do you really understand the buyer’s problem in the adoption process as they go about solving that particular problem. If you think about it, buyers don’t care about technology, products, solutions, services, etc. They start with a painful situation.

Think weight loss. I know I need to lose weight, but the pain of dieting and exercising outweighs the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. UNTIL, doctor tells me I have to do it for critical reasons or I find the pain of living with the extra weight has become more painful than losing the weight. Just because something is important, does not make it urgent. And vice versa, just because something is urgent, doesn’t make it important. The key to adoption is matching what you do to what I want AND need.

Because adoption is really not about product adoption either, it’s really about how buyers measure success and what they have to adapt/adopt to solve the root problem to their pain. Adoption to the buyer is the buyers’ recognition of pain through to resolution of the underlying problem. So the way we’ve been measuring customer experience, in the market today, is how well did I set expectations and how well did I deliver against those expectations. Buyers measure success based upon did it fix the “broken” problem. Not treat the symptoms, not deliver on something I didn’t really need.

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