4 Leading Questions

April 22nd, 2014 by Matthew Rosenhaft Leave a reply »
  1. What is the difference between adoption and marketing? Difference between product adoption and problem adoption? How does this change the idea of implementation, staging adoption, customer experience, project success?
  2. As a buyer, How do you go about identifying underlying root problem causation from visible pain? What is the hardest thing about diagnosing problems within your organization? How do good vendor partners assist in that process? How do mediocre vendors hurt that process? In  a couple of words, what is the difference between selling and decision support?
  3. From a buyer’s perspective, when does the buying process start? When should the sales process start? How can new technology vendors reach buyers earlier in their decision making process? Where do you/ your prospective buyers go for research? Decision support?
  4. From an investor’s perspective, how does the focus on buyers, problems, adoption differ from traditional go-to-market? What should they focus on, forget about? How do you accelerate the traditional market development adoption curve?
Matthew Rosenhaft

Matthew is a Social Marketing Executive and is co-founder of Social Gastronomy, LLC and the Social Executive Council. Prior to founding Social Gastronomy, Matthew has over 18 years’ experience as an executive in marketing, product management, and sales. Matthew has an extensive background in the SaaS Software, Social Media, Mobile, IT Services, and Telecom industries. He has prior entrepreneurial experience as a founder and executive in several early-stage venture-backed technology companies, as well as, holds several US patents for a mobile marketing technology. Matthew is a prominent blogger and regular industry speaker on social marketing and strategy topics. Matthew’s blog can be found at www.socialgastronomy.com/blog. For more information on Matthew, you can check out his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/rosenhaft or contact him directly at mrosenhaft@socialgastronomy.com.