Open Letter to CMO’s – Social Target Marketing for Complex Sales

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I’m not sure if you saw the “Open Letter to CMO’s” in the Social Executive Council.  The feedback we’ve received is that the post is helping to build your own business case to address the impact that social is having on the purchase behaviors in your industry, in particular those with a very complex buying/selling process.

With that in hand, many of you have now asked me to share our approach, to arm you, as the internal advocate, for the conversations you need to have within your organizations as to why social target marketing is more critical than ever.

At a high level, social target marketing is about how we can build better relationships with likely buyers to create new opportunities for our business that we’re missing out on today.

Like the “blooming onion”, we start by peeling back the layers and breaking down the walls in the market to identify and reach the heart of those complex buyers we don’t know who have come together around a common pain/need and get them to pay attention by understanding what motivates them to purchase, what triggers will compel them to purchase and what will propel them further in their purchase path.

Based upon that insight, we build personalized, credible and trusted relationships with the decision makers and the influencers by engaging with them one-on-one, every day, in the right networks, at the right times, with the right context, with relevant interactions that we stitch together to provide the best decision support which mirrors the complexity of their buying process to ultimately make their short list for consideration.

As we build these layered and interconnected relationships, not only do we provide better qualified leads through this process, we do so at a lower cost while putting up high barriers to entry for your competition.

With social target marketing we can achieve a hard ROI because we can now point to the specific revenue generated from this type of program by measuring and being held accountable to specific social metrics, which are tied to web analytics, which are fed into the lead funnel and ultimately integrated with your conversion process.

At the end, it’s all about the execution and how this applies within your world.

Let me know if you’d like to explore this further.

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Judy Mod, Principal of Social Gastronomy, is an executive who specializes in Social Buyer Target Marketing, Network Selling, Social Networking Strategy and Community Adoption, and Enterprise Social Business Programs. Judy has over 25 years in driving top line revenue through global sales, business development, marketing, strategic consulting, strategic alliances/channels/partnerships roles. Judy has an extensive background in B2B with roles in enterprise social networks, technology (consulting services/software/hardware), semiconductor, environmental, chemical/petrochemical/oil & gas, process and manufacturing industries. A recognized early adopter and leader of emerging technologies, Judy is recognized for her ability to merge the needs of organizations with the innovative solutions in the marketplace. Judy is regular speaker on social market leadership, the social enterprise and strategic alliances. Judy serves as the president of the Social Executive Council, the premier organization for senior executives to collaborate on developing enterprise-wide social business strategies. Previously, she served as president of the Southeast US / Latin America chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and on the boards of Global EXEC Women, Women in Technology and It’s The Journey. Judy is an ardent fundraiser for Paint Georgia Pink, a 501 © 3 serving the breast cancer community. A graduate of Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Judy also holds an MBA from the University of Dallas. For more information on Judy, you can check out her LinkedIn profile at, follow her on Twitter at or contact her directly at