Where Are You in the Social Marketing ROI Spectrum?

August 17th, 2011 by Matthew Rosenhaft Leave a reply »



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ROI Perspective




Skeptical of value, wants hard ROI based on core business value

  • “Kool-Aid is for Kids”
  • Hard-nosed Business Focus
  • Kids are on Facebook
  • You will have to prove it before believe it



Open to opportunity,  but wants a tangible impact on the business

  • “Show me a Strategic Plan”
  • Needs a rationale for investment
  • Wants a business focus, but willing to experiment



Believes in value, wants accountability to business

  • “We (company) have a social media plans”
  • But not sure what that long term strategy really is…
  • On LinkedIn and shares kid pictures on Facebook



Believes in vision, wants integration into business

  • Has their people who “manage social media”
  • Company has a number of social initiatives
  • Anecdotal evidence to support business plans
  • Casual personal and professional user



True Believer

  • “Living the Dream”
  • Evangelist and internal advocate
  • Daily user, integrated into personal and professional life
  • Can’t wait for the latest technology

Matthew Rosenhaft

Matthew is a Social Marketing Executive and is co-founder of Social Gastronomy, LLC and the Social Executive Council. Prior to founding Social Gastronomy, Matthew has over 18 years’ experience as an executive in marketing, product management, and sales. Matthew has an extensive background in the SaaS Software, Social Media, Mobile, IT Services, and Telecom industries. He has prior entrepreneurial experience as a founder and executive in several early-stage venture-backed technology companies, as well as, holds several US patents for a mobile marketing technology. Matthew is a prominent blogger and regular industry speaker on social marketing and strategy topics. Matthew’s blog can be found at www.socialgastronomy.com/blog. For more information on Matthew, you can check out his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/rosenhaft or contact him directly at mrosenhaft@socialgastronomy.com.