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Your Business Operates As Designed

May 9th, 2013

A great quote from a long-lost marketing guru who I would love to find again. He basically said that the business operates as you designed; whether consciously or unconsciously. Even better, the design may be from long ago of someone no longer with the company. Worse, someone you fired for their crappy design…

So, you ask what is wrong/broke with our business design today so badly that I MUST fix it now versus a nice-to-have improvement?

  • I don’t care about your solution. I expect you to solve my problem!
  • You have designed our business systems around the evangelism and delivery of solutions, not solving specific buyer problems. Perception is reality. If you have two different companies in similar industries, but different applications and custom projects; do they have the same “generic” problem? Or do they have different PERCEIVED problems?
  • If the customization to your offering, product, solution, or consulting is done “after” the understanding of the aforementioned, you are not actually solving a problem. You are evangelizing your solution and customizing the delivery. Adoption is an afterthought.
  • Adoption is the only thing buyers care about. If you define buyer adoption as “from point of pain to resolution of problem” then they are focused on only that. I don’t care about your solution, I care about solving my problem.
  • If IT projects fail to deliver on the value or derive satisfaction for buyers, why? Adoption, wrong expectations, project scope drift, lack of buy-in? How about failure to solve the underlying problem(s) because of misdiagnosis, treating symptomatic pain, missing underlying additional problems, getting agreement/buy-in to the problem the team will solve, clarity as to definition of success as solving the problem(s).

So, how does this mean our business systems are wrong?

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