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Buyer Market Adoption Problem Resolution

May 7th, 2013

The fundamental business problem that we see for complex BtoB technology companies is that they lack an understanding of the nuances and differences of how diverse and complex buyers in their markets adopt new technologies to solve problems sufficiently to enable our company to become a trusted problem diagnosis advisor and recognized solution partner in the market sufficient to differentiate us prior to a relationship and significantly transform adoption rates for your technology solution.

Peer Influenced versus Vendor Driven Shift – We see that the shift in BtoB corporate buyer behavior is significantly impacting the way buyers clarify the causation of their acute business pains, determine prioritization and make strategic business decisions, research problem solving options, define requirements, engage with vendors, and define expectations for customer experience. In short, social media has gone from a tangential impact on the buying process to becoming the underpinning of peer influence as the central foundation for decision making. This means that buyer adoption process is more influential than the traditional vendor driven solution evangelism and is radically shifting the definitions of markets. Introducing new definitions of market engagement: Continue reading “Buyer Market Adoption Problem Resolution” »

CEO as Chief Buyer Officer

April 18th, 2013

We are all seeing a shift from vendor-driven to peer-influence is marginalizing vendors. Buyers demand to be empowered with education on the problem definition before they engage for education on the solution differences.

We believe that the underlying problem that is driving this shift in your markets FROM a buyer’s perspective is that your company is not helping them understand what problem(s) that you solve for them. We believe that this is accelerating because the availability of information is increasing in markets. The buyers don’t need or can’t find the vendors who don’t help them with decision support. But, why is this a CEO level problem?

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The Problem We Solve Defines Us

December 6th, 2012

Sometimes, what you sell isn’t what they want or need to buy.

We knew we had an adoption problem over the spring and summer. We were on our 2nd iteration of business model which was about six months old. We were getting good results from the social marketing services, but were as frustrated as some of our customers as to expectations of outcomes. It was just taking too long to get the traction and we had lost some customers to their expectations of immediacy that we weren’t capable of delivering. We were too dependent upon them to “help us help them” to understand the problem they solved for their clients. Never a good business model to be dependent upon clients for their own strategy. Never a good business model to blame the client for the lack of success either.

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