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If Online Communties are So Great, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing Them?

May 12th, 2009

Simple answer is that doing online communities correctly takes work, planning, and coordination. Here are the reasons online communities fail:

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing Online Communities

Online communities aren’t for everyone; however, each of these concerns can be overcome with a good solid approach, coordination, and a subject matter expert. There are methods for managing the workload, handling the design, developing sufficient content, driving adoption, etc.

However, if you sell pencils for a living, don’t expect to sign up a millions and millions of users. How many pencil enthusiasts can there possibly be? A more realistic model may be to leverage the distributor network to create a more targeted community that supports the distributors efforts to marketing and sell the pencils through the channel. the scope maybe smaller, investment more controlled, AND expectations less of this type of community. All of the benefits to SEO, engagment, and sales, but proportional.

Bottom line is that an organization can be very successful leveraging online communities for marketing, but there has to be a well thought out plan with reasonable expectations.