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Socially Enabling the Product Lifecycle

March 16th, 2010

Last week, I participated on the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Product Management group’s panel discussion on social media “Building Better Products through Social Media”.

Per our discussion with the group that attended (approx. 40+ product management professionals) on slideshare The presentation starts with the Pragmatic Marketing Framework as the standard product lifecycle and then we mapped “social” to the product lifecycle to show how social engagement can impact different parts of the product development lifecycle; from requirements, planning, ideation, prioritization,collaboration, release management, launch planning, launch execution, etc.

A couple of interesting thoughts came out of the session; notably about the need to treat product information as a product in itself and to create a “Social” Product Roadmap to manage the social interactions as a product and build standardized processes to build social initiatives in the organization.

This is the first of many planned conversations around socially enabling the enterprise; customer, product, information, employee, operational lifecycles.