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Jones Soda Social Audit for PR+MKTG Camp in Seattle

March 12th, 2010

I went to the PR& MKTG Camp in Seattle last week. We were asked to do a public case on Jones Soda, a local Seattle darling, that provides a speciality line of premium sodas. Instead of doing the standard, here is a consumer facing social audit, we put a twist and focused on how to leverage social for building distribution relationships and establishing retail points of sale. In the beverage distribution business, retail still drives more impulse purchases than consumer branding. If you are a niche player, having a strong channel presence is critical. I have posted the case as an example of identifying influencers over social media. In this case, the influencer is the channel. In this case, we presented with Mike Spear, Jone’s Interactive Brand Manager. Here is the slideshare link as I cannot upload to this post, so here is the link: