Understanding Buyer’s Adoption

June 18th, 2013 by Matthew Rosenhaft Leave a reply »

Last few weeks, we have had some pretty intensive conversations as to why ADOPTION?

  • Like, I get it, but why do you call it adoption?
  • I know about technology adoption, but buyer adoption?
  • I do X, we can’t do it, but I think my buyers need to understand this because this fixes some problems upstream of me.
  • Why isn’t everyone doing this?
  • Sales does this one-to-one, why can’t our marketing team do this?

So, I am not going to answer all of these directly, we put a deck together http://www.slideshare.net/mrosenhaft/social-gastronomy-defining-the-adoption-problem-130611 which introduces why you might have an adoption problem. I suggest that you read it and then read the rest of this post as it will make a lot more sense. But, here is my take on understanding buyer’s adoption:

1. Adoption = key to servicing buyer’s needs

2. Adoption = specialized focus discipline and expertise + specialized, not-yet-commercially-available diagnostic tools + defined operational assessment & planning model

3. Adoption = Understanding decisions buyers make upstream before getting engaged with you

4. Adoption = identify “holes” in buyer’s understanding which prevents buying decision ( especially in large, strategic, complex, cross-functional, large $,  committee purchases)

5. Adoption = clarity to isolate disconnect between what educated versus uneducated buyers know - uneducated buyers are still trying to figure out what problem they have, what solution options could solve it while educated buyers know what solution they need, but still may be comparing requirements and/or vendors

But, Adoption is NOT a Magic Bullet – Understanding the buyers’ problem(s), perspectives, buying process, and market landscape does not automatically make your company:

  • Trusted advisers on problem(s)
  • Able to facilitate the decision-ing process
  • Solve other associated problems for the buyer
  • Deliver a better product or service
  • Align your organization to actually solve the problems from a buyer’s perspective
  • *Poof* You are an adoption expert – Reading 10 slides and a bunch of posts does not make an expert

But, knowing adoption sure makes all of these easier and improves your chances of getting “it” right, helping you align to your buyers needs and decision making process to actually solve problems, and is a helluva lot easier to deliver without the misalignment, which I would think would be motivation enough. Trust me, thinking and delivering like your buyers is so much more rewarding and satisfying. Finally, someone needs to be the buyer’s advocate / cross-functional adoption owner for the business, might as well be you, right?


Matthew Rosenhaft

Matthew is a Social Marketing Executive and is co-founder of Social Gastronomy, LLC and the Social Executive Council. Prior to founding Social Gastronomy, Matthew has over 18 years’ experience as an executive in marketing, product management, and sales. Matthew has an extensive background in the SaaS Software, Social Media, Mobile, IT Services, and Telecom industries. He has prior entrepreneurial experience as a founder and executive in several early-stage venture-backed technology companies, as well as, holds several US patents for a mobile marketing technology. Matthew is a prominent blogger and regular industry speaker on social marketing and strategy topics. Matthew’s blog can be found at www.socialgastronomy.com/blog. For more information on Matthew, you can check out his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/rosenhaft or contact him directly at mrosenhaft@socialgastronomy.com.